Love That Dog

‘Love that dog’ is a book written in the form of poems by a young boy who finds passion in how words can make ideas come to life. He starts off hesitantly writing only for his teacher’s eyes, mostly about his dog, boy does her love that dog. With a little encouragement from his teacher and a visit from one of his favorite poetry writers, Jack realizes that his poems are an art and allows them to be displayed.

Creech, S. (2001). Love that dog. NY: HarperCollins.

Textbook Assignment #6

  • Love that Dog and Brown Girl Dreaming differ quite significantly in many ways, one being that one is told from the perspective of a child and the other from an adult’s perspective of her childhood. Both characters find themselves through written expression, it’s how they best channel their emotions; Jackie realizing this when thoughts become ideas and ideas become stories, and Jack as he begins to write a little less reluctantly with the encouragement of his teacher. Coincidently, they are both Jacks. Both stories are told through a series of poetry entries and dialogue.
  • These two books differ in the content and depth of their poetry entries. Jackie is dealing with issues that are life changing, in a time period where she and her family faced adversity and racism. Brown girl dreaming is a record of her life, but also a little piece of history that laid out her path. Love that Dog is much lighter and less serious than Brown Girl Dreaming. It channels the mentality of child and what certain struggles and issues are like from their point of view.

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