Rapunzel’s Revenge

A comical and adventurous twist to the classic Rapunzel fairytale, mixed with a little humor, action, and an unexpected sidekick from another story. When Rapunzel discovers the truth of her past and that Mother Gothel did to her parents,she bravely sets out in hopes of freeing her mother and restore all that was once good. The road to victory is a little bumpy with some interesting encounters along the way.

Hale, S. (2008). Rapunzel’s Revenge. NY: Bloomsbury

Evaluative Criteria:

  1. This comical spin of the fairy tell is one that will keep the reader laughing and on their toes page after page. An artistic and creative blend between Rapunzel and Jack and the Beanstalk, this fantasy novel is appealing to all children. A female heroine who sets out to make everything right, the male sidekick who adds flare to the duo. As the novel shifts from one setting to another, the author does well to create dialogue and description that is appropriate for that frame. This fantasy book in the form of a graphic novel enhances the storyline and gives the reader a visualization that imagination can make real. It’s almost movie-like with the plot, dialogue, old western storyline, and detailed illustrations.
  1. According to the textbook, in a fantasy novel, the plot will involve “quests or journeys with tasks to accomplish, obstacles to overcome, and villains to vanquish.” Rapunzel’s Revenge is the trifecta of fantasy plots. Rapunzel sets out to free her mother from the hands of Mother Gothel, and in attempting to do so, she finds herself in an adventure through the Old West up against thieves and cheats where she rights wrongs and saves the day. These events lead up to Rapunzel’s triumph defeat of Mother Gothel and return to her mother. It’s a classic plot with flips and turns, rugged adventures, a mash up between stories where good always wins.

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