Comics Squad: Recess!

A fantasy novel with a blend of works and illustrations from different authors depicting different characters, settings, plots, but all with one commonality: Recess! It’s a comic book with mini comics that play on the interest of activities most readers find enjoyable, done so in a style that is both appealing and easy to follow. Readers get to enjoy the comedy behind what happens during recess with the unlikely lead characters.

Holm, J. (2014). Comics squad: recess! NY: Random House.

  1. This is a very unique style of children’s books because the stories are written and illustrated by different authors, yet they keep the plot, or plots in this case, centered around the same thing: Recess! The fantasy stories are very funny, they keep the reader engaged with grade like school like font and illustrations that add effect to the text. What kid doesn’t like a good comic book? This particular style is appealing to the younger readers because it has all the elements kids look for in books (humor, goofy characters, a little bit of magic), it’s appropriate and it keeps them entertained. Kids love to create humorous stories like these and add corky caption to the the characters so the bubble thoughts and sound effects are also a wonderful feature that incorporates “distinctive framework for the story that comes vividly to mind in words and phrases that stay with us.”
  1. The settings of each comic are very specific to the characters and the storyline, and are brought to life with vivid illustrations. However odd the setting or group of characters, the authors do a great job tying them all together for the full effect of the book, and that includes every story being set at recess. It’s a perfect link that kids can feel an honest connection with, even if some of the comics are fantasy, they appeal to logic and emotion.

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