Skulduggery Pleasant

Skulduggery Pleasant is a fantasy novel about the adventure of an ordinary girl with extraordinary bravery, along with an unlikely sidekick. The story is brought to life after the reading of a will leads Stephanie into a world of evil and darkness, a place where magic prevails, another world thought only to exist in our imagination. An average 12-year-old girl must find the strength and courage to overcome her insecurities to fight evil and restore the good that has been lost. Together with Skulduggery, Stephanie goes up against forces much greater than her, where she finds within her a spirit she never knew existed.

Landry, D. (2007). Skulduggery pleasant. NY: HarperCollins.

Evaluative Criteria: Characters and setting

  • The author presents the reader with a variety of characters that make it easy to connect this fantasy novel to aspects of real life. A down to earth family suffers a death in the family causing a mixture of emotions, emotions that the reader can associate with, and also distinguish connections with the emotions of other characters with similar people in their everyday life. Stephanie is 12-year-old girl who finds that she fits in to this fantasy world that she, for the most part, inherited. It is in this world that she finds out her true potential, and it is in this world that she comes to terms with the person she wants to be. Most adolescent readers will feel a kinship to Stephanie and the inner demons she faces and overcomes. Skulduggery Pleasant, though not alive, eludes qualities that most people admire. He is courageous, offers reassurance, he’s the dependable character that you know will pull through and save the day. Readers care what happens to him, and they want to see him succeed.
  • The setting is crucial facet in this fantasy novel. The readers are introduced to a normal suburban setting, with houses and streets, but as the plot thickens the readers are taken into a world where only imagination can draw such a picture. The author provides vivid details and takes the audience into a world of magic, where dungeons lie just beneath the surface, and monsters and mystical creatures walk among humanity. Landry takes the reader through two settings in, technically, one place. This makes the story believable, but also provides a second setting that is appropriate for the fantastical features found in the pages of the novel.

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