This book is a SLAM DUNK! Twin brothers, Josh and Jordan, were born and bred to play basketball, a passion shared by their entire family. These boys are faced with growing up on and off the court, dealing with the game, family, friends, and loss. Life is just like the game; one move, one decision, one crossover, can change everything.

Alexander, K. (2014). Crossover. New York: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

Evaluative Criteria: Style and Theme

  • Style and theme are two evaluative criteria components I find most evident in ‘Crossover’. The author presents the novel in the form of verses and poems, some rhyming, some more narrative, and there is also conversational dialogue. All the verses are divided into quarters, reflecting the subject of the book, and includes an overtime that keeps the reader on their toes, much a like a real game. It’s a book about the love for the game, love, relationships, and loss, which leads to the second component: theme. It emerges gradually, with every occurring event and every quarter, play by play. ‘Crossover’ recognizes the importance of stability and understanding in relationships, how growing up affects you and those relationships, and it also allows the reader to reflect on the subject of loss.


Time for Kids. (2015, March 4). Kwame Alexander Discusses The Crossover | TIME For Kids. Retrieved February 21, 2016, from



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