A book that tackles the issue of transgender children, and encourages kids to embrace who they are. George is the story of a young boy struggling with his identity, trying to find his true self; chronicles the reactions of family and friends, and, with the support of his best friend Leslie, he finds the courage to be what he believes he was meant to be.

Gino, A. (2015). George. New York: Scholastic.

Evaluative Criteria: Gender & Culture and Theme

  • The struggle with George’s self-identity is a component of both gender and theme. The battle between self vs. self and longing for acceptance is a bridge that everyone crosses at one point in their adolescence; George is trying to figure out where and how he fits in, in all aspects of his life. This forms meaning to the reader and draws on compassion. ‘George’ also outlines what gender roles societal norms have created for us. The main character is male, generally depicted as a novel’s protagonist, who yearns to be female; a challenge against current attitudes and a topic up for controversial discussion. The novel interrelates gender and culture in George’s choice of gender identity and the cultural standpoint on being transgender. These depictions of George’s inner and outer conflicts, whether it’s with individual identity or being comfortable in your own skin, is significant to reader’s emotional growth and maturation.

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