This is a heartwarming take on the childhood of primatologist Jane Goodall that invites readers to explore the early onset of her passion for primates. Jane, along with her toy chimpanzee Jubilee, set out every day to explore the beauty of nature and what can be discovered with imagination and eagerness. The colors help tell the story of young Jane and her make believe adventures as a child, until one day those adventure become a reality.

McDonnell, P. (2011). Me…Jane. NY: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers.

Evaluative Criteria: Design

  • According to the textbook, one important factor when evaluating an informational book it how it visually appeals to the reader. Me…Jane is a nonfiction book with a design that compliments the text very well and illustrations that call the readers attention. If the information isn’t capturing the attention of a child, the beautiful artistry is sure to lure young readers in. You would think that this is a picture book rather than an informational book because of it’s cartoon-like quality. The friendship between Jane and her toy chimpanzee also creates such a warm and inviting environment that offers children the total package: fun and facts, and not to mention an encouraging story about following your dreams.

Read Aloud:

T., M. (n.d.). Me … Jane Read Aloud. Retrieved February 12, 2016, from

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