It’s Perfectly Normal: Changing bodies, growing up,sex, and sexual health

With visual aids included, this book is a detailed description about the workings of the human body, the ins and outs of both genders, and a reassurance that the process of growing up is perfectly normal. If the text isn’t expressive enough to understand, the illustrations will, without a doubt, clear up any misgivings or doubts. A well presented scope for adolescents on the topic of sex and human nature that should probably be read in the company of a parent, just in case the kids have questions.

Harris, R. (2014). It’s perfectly normal: Changing bodies, growing up, sex, and sexual health. Boston, MA: Candlewick Press.

Evaluative Criteria: Organization

  • The content of It’s Perfectly Normal is strategically organized in a series of different concepts. It’s broken down into ‘parts’, each part containing detailed information and answers about one specific area of sexual growth. As the book progresses, the topics become more complex and the illustrations become more graphic. The execution of this type of organization prepares the reader little by little, page by page. It’s also organized almost precisely in the order of when each event should occur (anatomy, puberty, families). The layout is logical, the information is presented clearly with helpful sub text dialogue, and the headers of each section provide the reader with the ability to pick and choose what topic they’d like to learn more about. In addition, the information for each section is presented by gender, then intertwines them both to discuss how the two evolve into one.  It’s a very easy to follow informational book that everyone is able to understand.

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