Most people tend to squirm around creepy crawlers, especially spiders. Ever come across one and, besides scream, think about where it came from or how it lives? ‘Spiders’ offers so much insight on this subject and makes what most find gross seem very cool and interesting. There’s so much more depth to these insects and this author does an excellent job at detailing what that is. His photography is wicked cool, also. Who knew spiders looked like that up close!

Bishop, N. (2007). Spiders. NY: Scholastic.

Evaluative Criteria: Accuracy

  • Bishop details the history, anatomy, and types of spiders that exist today and accompanies that with lively, close-ups of the spiders. These close ups provide readers with accurate, meticulous depictions of the information being presented. Bishop includes notes at the end explaining how he came to have all his photographs, which adds credibility to his book. The author has written that he has to spend months in close contact with his subjects because of the photography aspect of his books. He travels far to explore their behaviors in their natural habitat making the information very accurate and authentic. In addition, he also delves into books in academic libraries written by experts on the subject with more substantial scientific sources. Not only does Bishop conduct his own research, but he closely follows the research of others and implements their findings with his own for more accuracy and a better informational book.

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