An informational book with a narrative quality that makes this account more personal and allows readers to connect with Rosa Parks own life. This is a direct introduction of the bus boycotts in Montgomery, with illustrations that are just as informative as the text itself; a kid friendly rendering of one woman’s stand against segregation that sparked a movement.

Giovanni, N. (2005). Rosa. NY: Holt.

Evaluative Criteria: Style

  • The textbook states that with informational books, what sets apart a work of literature from mere facts is how the author chooses to present the information. The story of Rosa Parks and the bus boycott in Montgomery, Alabama is told as narrative. The author presents the information leading up to the historic event and what followed it as if giving a play by play of her day. The style is so down to earth and suggests normality that it appeals to children. The book is told in 3rd person, uses everyday dialogue, depicts the characters with day to day thoughts and routines, which provide the facts with a little reality. Children are able to view these events as truth, not only because they are facts, but also because it gives the reader a glimpse into the person and not just the event.

Lesson plan available here


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