Creatively written in the form of a graphic novel, Primates is about three women driven by determination and passion. The book outlines the lives of Jane Goodall, Dian Fossey, and Birute Galdikas, three ambitious primatologists who go above and beyond to explore and study the subject that fascinated them the most- primates. Through their triumphs, tribulations, and ground-breaking findings, these three women leave their mark in the field of Primatology.

Ottaviana, J. (2013). Primates. NY: FirstSecond.

Evaluative Criteria: Style

  • The author’s choice to write this informational book in the form of a graphic novel is without a doubt a brilliant way to capture the attention of young readers. The colors and artistry help tremendously in presenting the facts that children can appreciate. Young readers will not view this as just the typical informational book, with mere facts and photographs; its comic book likeness sets it apart from most informational books like it, and this is what makes Primates so distinct in its style. Also stated, is, though the book is true, some characters were added to create a more interesting ‘story’ for children. Another quality of style Ottaviana used to convey the information about three amazing women, with a passion that inspires.

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