How They Croaked: The awful ends of the awfully famous

How they croaked is an informational book with humorously told accounts about how the “awfully famous” meet their “awful ends”. The author creates a fun and unique way to present such dull information and make it so entertaining. We’ve all heard how these famous names have lived and what they did to go down in history, but we don’t know how it all ended; this book is a funny take on just that topic.

Bragg, G. (2011). How they croaked: The awful ends of the awfully famous. NY: Walker.

Evaluative Criteria: Style

  • Georgia Bragg definitely out did herself with the element of style she chose to present her informational book with. This is a very humorous, yet factual, take on the deaths of famous people that is written in such casual, tongue in cheek manner that it’s fun to read and easy to grasp. The text is down to earth, and presented as if having an informal conversation with a friend about how all these people died. The grim reaper, crypt keeper font used throughout the book, along with the skulls on every page also reflect Bragg’s sense of style; it brings the topic of death to life and adds a little to the tone. According to the textbook, appropriate language should be used and done so in a way that is not patronizing. Bragg does just that with her youthful and enthusiastic writing style.



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