Hitler Youth

Loaded with personal accounts and first hand experiences about the happenings during the Nazi era, Hitler youth details the lives of children and teenagers caught up in Hitler’s idea to eradicate the Jews by joining youth organizations. The author sheds light on Hitler’s rise to power and his belief that Germany’s children were the future and key component of Nazi Germany.

Bartolleti, S. (2005). Hitler Youth. NY: Scholastic.

Evaluative Criteria: Accuracy

  • Hitler Youth is an accurate depiction of the rise of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi era in Germany with first hand accounts of events that were taking place, actual photographs of the youth groups, and detailed descriptions of what was occurring. If you turn to the back of the book, starting with the ‘Timeline of the Hitler Youth’, the author provides several references to input and people’s involvement with her book, making her sources credible and book accurate. It’s stated in the author’s note how countless hours were spent in libraries and museums, how trips were made to Washington D.C. to study archives, Bartoletti even traveled to Germany for more research. She visited camps, rally sites, and began to study oral histories, letters, and eventually made contact with former members of the Hitler Group. In addition, she provides us with quote sources and photographs that were released to her with permission.

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