Mirror Mirror

A cleverly written poetry book know as “reverso”, all themed with the classic fairytales we all grew up reading. The is book reveals aspects of the familiar stories with poems read from top to bottom, and then reveals another side to the story with a poem from top to bottom. Such a fun read and offers a great new outlook on poetry.

Singer, M. (2010). Mirror Mirror. NY: Dutton.

Evaluative Criteria: Shape

  • This very colorfully written reverso poetry book is skillfully executed with the ‘two sides to every story’ element (which I find extremely cool and very creative!!) and bold shapes.
  • The illustrations are literally drawn in portrait style rectangles, giving each page the mirror image associated with the title. Each rectangular frame of illustration is chock-full with rich, well-defined shapes like ovals (the mirror on the wall), circles, pentagons, hearts, arcs, and so many more organic and geometric shapes that make this book all the more appealing. The shapes give life to the text and add a realistic quality to the book

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