It’s a Book

A modest and playful book about a Donkey caught up in a digital world who learns that value of a good book. When donkey sees monkey with a book, he’s intrigued by its simplicity and asks more about it. Very curious about its technological capabilities, the donkey continues to pester and learns that a book, though unable to tweet, blog, or scroll, is just as amazing as you, the reader, choose to make it.

Smith, L. (2011). It’s a Book. NY: Roaring Brook.

Evaluative Criteria: Theme

The text is clear-cut and minimal making it a very easy read for the little ones, with a big theme relevant to people of all ages. Though this would seem like a mature textual message, it is very much pertinent to the book’s target audience. Children can grasp the concept and relate to the donkey’s ignorance, having grown up in such a technologically advanced world. In this day and age, books are not as prevalent as iPads and Kindles. This is an excellent way to show children how wonderful reading can be and what better ways to spend spare time without a bright screen staring you in the face. I love how it was delivered humorously (an approach we can all appreciate) and not sermonized

Book Trailer


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