Where the Wild Things Are

There is so much to explore and interpret in this book about imagination and wonder. Max, sent to bed without supper, wakes up with a forest in his room and then finds himself at sea and is taken to where the wild things are. There, Max becomes King and conquers the respect of the wild things, where in time he realizes that this is not where he belongs. He eventually sets sail to where home truly is. A fantastic book that inspires and opens the doors for readers to escape into a realm where imagination and creativity can be explored.

Sendak, M. (1963). Where the Wild Things are. NY: Harper Collins.

Visual Elements of Art: Texture

  • The illustrations in this book are of so much quality and detail that the images almost seem realistic to the reader. The element of texture that is created draws on our visual and tactical senses and combines them both for the full effect.
  • The texture of the walls in his bedroom, or the created illusion of this texture, is almost braille-like and looks like how the bumps and grooves on a wall would feel like.
  • The trees and the branches are very life-like, as if the reader can reach in a pluck a leaf right off. The texture of the grass is done so well, one can almost feel the grass under their feet.
  • The visual element of texture is also present in the monsters’ scale and fur. All these aspects give the reader a tactical impression and encourages them to be imaginative.

Read alikes!

English, K. (2012, May 17). If You Liked “Where the Wild Things Are”, You’ll LOVE… – IndieReader. Retrieved January 31, 2016, from http://indiereader.com/2012/05/if-you-liked-where-the-wild-things-are-youll-love/



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