Meet the Dullards

A witty picture book about a very dull family: two extremely dull parents and three dull children who do not share their parent’s affection for boredom and blandness. The Dullards will do whatever takes to make sure that their children are raised in the most boring environment with absolutely no spontaneity, even if it means picking up and moving. An entertaining and humorous take on boredom!

Pennypacker, S. (2015). Meet the Dullards. New York: Balzer + Bray.

Evaluative Criteria: Composition

  • Meet the Dullards has a great balance of each visual element of art, and makes this a great picture with so much detail to reveal.
  • The illustrations in most of this book consist of a stale and very monotonous palette of colors; mostly neutral colors that aren’t attractive to the eye. Strategically drawn out this way to create a mood that matches the characters themselves: dull and boring. Contrary to that, are the color schemes in the backgrounds of the pages. There are bright and animated colors outside the Dullards home (sun, grass, trees), that symbolizes life outside their family unit. The colors are meant to draw attention to the blandness of the Dullard’s every day life.
  • Shapes also play a role in the illustrations. They are apparent in the structure of the houses, the boxes and objects in the house, and the scenic background visible through the Dullard’s window.

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