The Paperbag Princess

The Paper Bag Princess is a classic fairytale with a slight twist. It seems the prince, rather than the damsel, is in distress, and the prince isn’t as charming as we’d expect. Elizabeth is a beautiful, well-dressed Princess with the world at her feet, a handsome Prince, a big castle, until one day when a fire-breathing dragon shows up. Left with nothing to wear but a paper bag and a kidnapped husband-to-be, this Princess sets out to square off with this dragon. A game of brains and wits between the two leads to a very funny ending with a new perspective.

Munsch, R. (2012). The paperbag princess. NY: Annick Press.

Evaluative Criteria: Plot

  •  The plot is very direct, with a conflict evident early on with the dragon burning Princess Elizabeth’s beautiful dress to a crisp and flying off with Prince Ronald. The storyline progresses as the princess, wearing a paper bag, sets out to find the dragon and rescue her prince. At the peak of the plot, Princess Elizabeth eventually finds the dragon, challenges him to a game of wits, where, in the end, she is triumphant. Just when the reader thinks they’ve got it figured out, the story takes a little turn and Elizabeth discovers the Prince’s shortcomings and declines his hand in marriage. A well written plot that is familiar to most, with a series of uncommon events.

The Paperbag Princess Read aloud:



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