Rodeo Red

Rodeo Red is a very sweet and fun story about the innocence of sibling rivalry; a classic tale we’re all too familiar with. Rodeo Red and his hound dog Rusty are as happy as can be, well that is until Sideswiping Slim makes his way into the old west. Slim has everyone smitten, but not Red, especially after he takes an interest in Rusty and swipes him. Red decides to take matters into her own hands, and uses her wits and cowgirl skills to outsmart her younger sibling. This old western themed children’s book is one that leaves you smiling on every page, with text that encourages imagination, and is a great read aloud for children who will find the storyline very similar to their own experiences with siblings.

Perkins, M. (2015). Rodeo Red. New York: Peachtree Publishers.

Evaluative Criteria:

  • The illustrations use every visual element: bold shapes, color schemes that match the tone of the text, and lines and spacing that represent Rodeo Red’s emotions. They give off an old west impression that compliment the text and how the story is narrated.
  • The plot is one that most families are all too familiar with. This is one that most people can find relatable, whether it be the kids having to adjust to new siblings or the parents having dealt with have their kids transition from being an only child.
  • Rodeo Red and Sideswiping Slim are ideal characters for such a fun plot, very consistent with the personalities of the readers, and parallels to their very own reality with siblings.

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