My Teacher is a Monster

My teacher is a monster is a cleverly written children’s book that uses humor and wit to teach perspective. Bobby is not a big fan of his teacher, Ms. Kirby. He just doesn’t seem to see eye to eye with her, and really doesn’t understand why she has to be so mean. One day, a chance meeting in the park between the two gives Bobby a whole new perspective. Ms. Kirby shows her student a softer side to her demeanor, and slowly, but surely his perception of her changes–literally. Such a fun read and ideal for kids to enjoy and make the connections¬†with their own personal experiences.

Evaluative Criteria:

  • These characters are ideal for a children’s book because young readers can relate to Bobby and the relationships he shares with classmates and teachers. The depiction of Ms. Kirby as a monster is a very realistic perception through the eyes of children and remains true to real aspects of their lives. Children are very impressionable and their outlook on things can be altered with the turn of a page, much like Bobby’s; this book is a great interpretation of that.
Brown, P. (2014). My teacher is a monster!: No, I am not. New York, NY: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers.

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