This Caldecott Honor book is a charming picture book about a small piglet, Olivia, with a big personality. Olivia’s free-spirit, energy, and appetite for fun keep her mother, father, and little brother very busy. From dress-up, to beaches, to museums, to bed time, there’s never a dull moment for this full-of-life piglet. It’s a beautifully illustrated story that captures the essence of this character and is a refreshing reminder a child’s youth and passion.

Visual Elements of Art and Evaluative Criteria:

  • Color and Illustration: The choice of style of illustrations and color in Olivia is very attractive on paper, and draws attention to important detail that highlights the text. The color schemes consist of gray, black, white, and red. The simplicity of these colors, I think, allows the reader a deeper appreciation of the story itself, and the detailed artistry. Olivia is always wearing red, which makes her stand out; it’s bold, bright, and the center of attention just like her. The use of gray black on the white background limits distractions and doesn’t take the focus off of the characters. The influence of both of these elements is magic and no surprise it is a  Caldecott Honor book.
Falconer, I. (2009). Olivia. New York, NY: Atheneum Books for Young Readers.

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